Monday, August 13, 2007

Having Your Cake And Saving It Too

I have this here cake pedestal, and I love it dearly. I got it from Josh's aunt, but I think she got it from his grandmother, if I correctly remember them telling me about it at the time. His aunt is always trying to clear clutter, and we are almost always the first people she calls. Not always the best for our tiny apartment, but in this case it worked out fabulously. Anywho, I don't have a dome for my cake pedestal. And as you can imagine this presents a bit of a problem when I would like to use it. I can't very well toss a cake from platter to platter, all willy-nilly. And plastic wrap tends to get a bit messy. So, any suggestions for finding a nice dome to go with my pedestal? I searched eBay with all the phrases I could think of to come up with a good response, but I didn't find what I was looking for. Next I guess will be antique shops. But I thought I would see if anyone had any ideas that I hadn't come up with yet, in the meantime, as I imagine it will be awhile before I can spend a day wandering around curiosity shops.

*P.S.- If you're wondering, that is the Wild Canary Cake I made for the Taste of Yellow event a few months ago. And now I really wish I had a piece of cake!


MrsEm said...

try searching for a "cloche." These glass domes are usually for plants but may work.

love.boxes said...

You could also buy just a cheap cake stand with dome in plain glass and just use the plain glass top to show off the antique on the bottom. I've seen them at Bed Bath and Beyond and places like that for around $10.

aubrey said...

oh so pretty. i love cake pedestals. i have a friend who collects them. she gets them at antique stores and whatnot. i wish i could help you with the dome idea. other than just buying a glass pedestal that comes with a lid.

p.s. i came over from lindsey's blog!