Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekend Roundup

This weekend went by far too fast, partly because I worked on Friday and partly because Persuasion arrived in the mail and I had to watch it repeatedly. Yes, I said "had to".

-Work, yuck
-Get ready
-Load in at The Moon
-Grab some Fuzzy's Tacos and chow down at home
-Fate Lions at The Moon with Holly
-Beers after at the house with the guys

-Up at 8 to start math software download, back to bed
-Sleep in
-Try our bikes out, oy that's gonna take a lot of practice
-Cheese & crackers for lunch with Josh
-Install math software
-Start Persuasion
-See Josh and the boys off to Denton and Oklahoma
-Nearly finish Persuasion before Holly arrives
-Grab some grub at Central Market for me and Fuzzy's for Holly
-Watch a couple of W.C. Fields shorts and Groundhog Day
-See Holly off, get ready for bed
-Finish Persuasion
-Fall asleep watching some Simpsons

-Sleep in
-Clean up cat vomit, oh joy
-Work on menu and grocery list, while watching Persuasion
-Bowl of cereal and finish grocery list
-Grocery shopping
-Salad and sandwich for dinner
-Josh get back from OK
-Clean and prep veggies for week
-Sweep house
-Finish the rest of the W.C. Fields shorts
-Get ready for bed
-Watch Persuasion one more time, clearly I need help