Tuesday, April 27, 2010

How Does My Garden Grow?

I finally FINALLY got my veggies into some dirt yesterday evening. I planted my herbs a while back, but had been planning on getting some different planters for the veggies, which was the cause of the hold out. I can never find just what it is I'm picturing in my mind. But when I realized that my strawberry plant was actually growing tiny little strawberries I figured I'd better get them in some earth and I can transfer them to the bigger, better containers of my dreams as soon as I can hunt them down. I had a strawberry, a pepper, a tomato and, as it turns out, a cantaloupe plant to get arranged. The cantaloupe came as a surprise. I thought I had picked up a squash plant. Unfortunately it was an unwelcomed surprise because I hate cantaloupe. I stuck it in a pot all the same, but if it actually grows anything you can perhaps look forward to receiving a cantaloupe from me because I won't be eating it. I deadheaded my two rose bushes while I was outside too. Here are some pics I snapped!

Wee strawberries

Tomato tot

L'il pepper