Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New Math

Today I wanted to sing the praises of social networking sites. In particular Twitter. I've mentioned on here before that I've decided I want to start college in the fall. I haven't been in school for over 10 years. That's a pretty long time. I took a practice placement test online a while back and failed the math portion horribly. Ten years is a long time to be expected to remember geometry and algebra II, especially when you have used it a grand total of ZERO times since high school. Anyway, I'm trying to refresh my math skills before I have to take the real-deal placement test for school. What does math have to do with Twitter? Well, here's the story:

I follow Mindy Kaling, like many people do, on Twitter. She made a couple of jokes based on fake band names. I followed suit and made a couple of jokes on fake band names. Because I'm nothing if not original. Someone cruising the tweets with that hash tag found me, enjoyed my tweets, and started following me. Then days, maybe weeks, later I tweeted about how I hated algebra. And this guy informed me that he works for a company that makes software to help prepare math-challenged students for for-credit classes. And he set me up with a free download of the software this weekend. I worked through two lessons last night and it's actually really neat, developed in part by staff from Carnegie Mellon University. So, I got free, fancy math software all because I made a couple of jokes on Twitter.


Olivia Carter said...

That's so cool lady! I hate Algebra too. No passionately dislike Algebra. Good luck with it- can't help you at all- but if you need some Art History help I'm here for ya!

Caroline, No. said...

I love your tweets. You're hilarious!

You can keep your math software, tho. Eek.

Anonymous said...

My pleasure! Glad it is working for you. I intend to pick your brain about the experience, of course. Marketing purposes and what not...LOL. And now I find that you have this great blog, too? Content overload, and I love it! Hope everything is going well. See you on the Interwebs.