Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Weekend Roundup- Conan News Edition

This one is a bit slapdash. This weekend went a little something like this:

-Plant herbs
-A few errands
-Steph's birthday at Top Golf driving range
-Grocery shopping

That pretty much sums it up. We got a late start on Saturday so my chore time was almost nil, then my lady problems had me laid up most of Sunday, so a little laundry, watering my plants, and grocery shopping were about the extent of what I got done that day.

I didn't get around to posting yesterday because there was all sorts of excitement in the nerdy world of Conan fans. Conan will have a new show on TBS starting in November! And yesterday was the first day of his 30 city tour! Last night he kicked things off in Eugene, Oregon and the show included special guest Jack McBrayer and musical guest Spoon. I wonder who the guests might be in Dallas?! So much excitement!

Additionally I've been doing some party prep the past few days. We're having a party on Friday in honor of Conan's 47th birthday, which is this coming Sunday. I had the idea to carry through on the message of his final Tonight Show speech, so we're having a "Be Kind" Shindig. We're asking our friends to each bring a can of food, which we will donate to the Tarrant Area Food Bank. In addition to that we're starting with a total of $47 (for his age) and for every guest that comes we will add $5. That money will be donated to Labels Are For Jars, a hunger charity in Massachusetts which Conan is on the committee for. We'll have some Conan clips playing on the TV, but aside from that it's just a regular party and a good excuse to hang out with our friends. Looking forward to partying!


Olivia Carter said...

I hadn't heard about Conan on TBS. Very cool!

And that's SUCH a fabulous party idea! I love it! Take pics & share all about it so I can feel like I was there!

Steph said...

I'd like you to blog about how strangely good at golf you were. :)