Wednesday, March 3, 2010


In my last post I mentioned the difficulties of coming up with a way to get to school without buying a second car yet. After doing some research with Google Maps and a tracking program, I've established that the bike path that runs right by my office building along the river can take me directly to the school and it's only a distance of about 3 miles. That is pretty darn convenient, right? There are two bus lines that run either directly by or near my office as well. Their schedules don't mesh really well for transfers, but it's workable. So I think my current plan is to get a bike and ride to class that way. It will depend on the class schedule I'll have to work with, but I know my boss would generally be happy to let me adjust my work schedule to help me go to school. As long as it isn't a drastic overhaul. Which, with online and weekend courses, it hopefully won't be. From our house to the school is about 8 miles. I'm not sure if that's too much for me, as I'll be a beginner cyclist, or not. But I can ride my bike to the best bus stop to get to school too, so I wouldn't necessarily have to bike the whole way there from home. And my friend LeAnn has offered to let me use her work bus pass; I could use the bus in inclement weather, or when the distance is too great, for free. I think this is going to be a really fun adventure! I also think it's a great time to invest in a bicycle because our City Council recently approved a massive plan to upgrade and expand the city's biking infrastructure. I'll get to pretend I'm like all those stylish gals that pop up on Sartorialist and other places in the blogosphere! Here's the bike I'm currently digging and a couple of cute biker chics to inspire me.

*1st pic from Sartorialist


Caroline, No. said...

Sounds totally doable! My cycle to work is 4 miles each way through hellish central london traffic so yours sounds like a breeze. Here in London everyone buses / rides / tubes to work. Some of my friends cycle 7 miles each way through town.

Can you put bikes on the front of buses where you are? You might want to look into fold up bikes, bcs they are so convenient for jumping on / off buses / stashing under desks, etc.

Good luck! I love cycling, it's always my first choice for getting around!

Jessica said...

Yes Caroline, most of the city buses have bike racks on the front. It's good to hear from people who use cycling to commute. Here it is not unheard of, but Texas is a very spread out, car-centric place (with a few exceptions); People still think it a bit odd to bike instead of drive.