Wednesday, March 31, 2010

2010 Resolutions: 1st Quarter

Well, three months of this new year have gone by. Can you even believe how quickly time passes? It seems like it moves so slowly when you're a kid, and the older you get the faster is starts to fly by. I've done so-so on the resolutions so far. Admittedly I think I might have to rethink a few things. Some of my priorities have definitely shifted since I've made the decision I want to go to school. But for now let's see what I've been able to get done.

.Read 20 books- I've read one book complete, listened to one audiobook complete, and have half-read 4 books, ha. Not a lot of progress, but progress nonetheless I suppose.
.Exercise at least twice a week- Now that the weather is warmer I'm really making progress here, although it's most just walking. Walking however is my favorite form of exercise and I'm taking 3 to 4 walks a week now. And our bicycles were delivered today!
.Improve my eating habits- Sadly not doing a whole lot better here. But I've been putting a lot of thought lately into what changes I can make here.
.Be a better listener- Think I'm not doing well at this one at all, unfortunately.
.Learn to drive- I drove around the neighborhood a month or so ago, and last week I drove myself to work with Josh's help. This was in other people's cars though, since I can't yet manage the standard VW. I've got a defensive driving DVD that I've watched some of, and we think we've found a good parking lot where I can try to learn to use our car's stick shift.
.Get a full physical/gyno/bloodwork- I've had my full physical and gyno exam. My bloodwork came back great, we've been able to identify some of my quirky little problems, and I have to decide what I want to do about my endometriosis. I also got my eyes checked and I have to take a glaucoma test at the end of April.
.Learn some tactics for handling stress- I'm trying to push through the urge to stress eat and panic when I get stressed. I'll probably be finding a therapist through my insurance agency that can hopefully help me with this resolution.
.Start a vegetable garden in back yard and container herb garden in side yard- Now that we've likely had our last freeze I'm hoping to get these plans underway
.Learn how to develop my own black & white film- I've made no progress on this whatsoever, but I got one of the chemicals I need to develop for my birthday so part of the puzzle is there. I just have to get the other pieces.
.Have clothes hemmed- nada
.Finish family photos for the hallway- pathetic
.Get my Beatles tattoo- Well, I ended up getting my Conan tattoo first, but still plan on getting this one.
.Be more like Diane Keaton, Jane Birkin, Linda McCartney, Katharine Hepburn, and Audrey Hepburn- Pretty pathetically not managed to be as awesome as these ladies yet.
.Rent a cabin- We haven't had an opportunity with as busy as we've been. Josh and I are looking at our calendar though because we could definitely use a break. Might end up going camping before we rent a cabin, but there's still 9 months left, right?
.Finish organizing my office- More or less done. Could be better, but it's looking pretty good.
.Cross 2 things off my Life List- nada.