Tuesday, March 2, 2010

School Daze

After lots of thinking and discussion I have decided that I want to go to college. I have never seriously considered this before, because there was never anything in particular that I wanted to do. I've spent a good chunk of the past few years trying to figure out a purpose for myself. It's generally been an exercise in futility until I recently had a very minor epiphany. After some conversations with Josh, and talking to a few friends, I've settled on the idea of getting a bachelor's degree in Radio, Film and Television. I haven't decided what area within that category I would really like to focus on yet. I'm leaning towards production, but also like the idea of cinematography or screenwriting.

Trying to figure out how to go to school for the first time at the age of 29 is very overwhelming for me. I'll be starting off at the community college, and then hopefully moving on to a public university. There are so many obstacles to work my way around to be able to start going; the first one is transportation. We are a one car household since I currently don't drive. I'm working on learning, but even once I have my license we can't just go out and buy a car. The city bus doesn't seem to have any routes that really work well for getting me to the school either. There are some options, but nothing that seems to be anything less than inconvenient. Some combination of bus, bike, and something else that has yet to occur to me may be in order. Then by the time I'm ready to go to university we should have enough in the car fund for a new car.

In addition to the transportation problem is the job/money problem. We probably make too much for me to get financial aid for my community college tuition. I'm still going to apply, it just isn't likely I'll get any. And even with any possible financial aid for university tuition we will still need to take out some student loans, so my community college years need to be paid for without resorting to debt. Which means I can't reduce my work hours by much. I have yet to figure out how this is going to work. Our community college offers weekend courses at several campuses and the option of some online courses, so this should help. More thinking to be done.

Then there's the actual classes and learning. I'll have to take the THEA test before I can register and I know that I'm not going to pass the math part. (Really, I know. I took a practice version and missed almost half the math questions.) Which means despite there being only one math requirement in the degree plan, I'll have to take some remedial classes before I can get it out of the way. More time, more money, and for the love of God, more math. I hate math.

Sorry for the grumpy rambling, but this is all the junk that I'm busy thinking about these days. Needed to vent it somewhere, and that's what blogs are for, right? On the plus side my old doctor's are now on my insurance plan, so I'm going to both the ob/gyn and my internist this month for full physical. And I'm going for an eye exam on Saturday. If I'm going to be driving and in a classroom I definitely need to update my woefully old eyeglasses. That's a big check mark on the resolutions list.


near and far said...

I decided to go back to school when I was 28. I was one of the oldest students in my class, but not the oldest.

I've met a ton of great people, really love what I'm learning, and am going to be a lawyer someday!

Good luck!

Miss Molly said...

That is so very exciting! Don't get bogged down in worries. Your glass is half full. Woohoo!

Jenny said...

I am a firm believer that actual 'grown ups' and not 19 year olds make the best college students. It's a little terrifying but so rewarding! Your school probably has a math lab, which saved my bacon when I finally started using it (my second attempt at College Algebra).

Community Colleges seem to have a larger age group and a lot more diversity. Anytime I had a woman over 40 in my classes we'd all groan inwardly because we knew she was going to kill the grading curve.

Also, I am out of the college loop right now but I know there are new education tax credits for when you file your taxes next year, and there might be some special grants or scholarships you could qualify for if you went in and talked to a financial aid person.

YAY for college! Those bike options are awesome, BTW.