Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekend Roundup

-Sleep in
-Say bye to Josh, off to SXSW
-Appointment with Dr. Evans
-Labcorp for blood work
-Grab lunch
-Work for half day
-Stop by Central Market for dinner fixings
-Watch a couple of What Not To Wears with big salad for dinner
-Best coconut cupcake ever!
-A little computer time while watching Andy Barker P.I.
-Bed time

-Sleep in
-Coffee, cereal, banana, and BIG fruit smoothie
-Clean house
-Josh gets home from SXSW
-Tidy and organize my office
-A little math work
-Dinner of cheese, crackers, pepperoni and olives with popcorn and Monty Python and the Holy Grail
-Hit the hay

-Sleep in, wake up to a hilarious tweet from Conan
-Menu planning and grocery listing
-Start laundry
-Grocery shopping
-Melanie comes by to talk school and life in general over coffee and pumpkin bread
-Clean and prep veggies for the week
-Big, yummy salad for dinner
-Finish laundry
-Read some of The Happiness Project
-A bit of insomnia, finally fall asleep