Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Weekend Roundup

I took yesterday off instead of my typical Friday so that I could be home when Josh got in and so I could finish up some of my spring cleaning; that's why the weekend roundup is appearing a day later than usual.

-Say goodbye to Josh
-Work, blech
-Order bikes
-Pick up transcript from high school
-Pick up Chipotle
-Put food up and change clothes
-Eat dinner while watching What Not To Wear
-Start on organizing the DVDs while watching Pride & Prejudice part 1

-Sleep in
-Coffee while I put together my playlist
-Empty and clean vacuum
-Work on fixing the back door- prying, sanding, hammering
-Start laundry
-Clean outside windows and sweep cobwebs off eaves
-Lunch while watching first half of The Ghost & Mrs. Muir
-Inside windows
-Clean bathrooms, bedroom, dust headboard and ceiling fan
-Clean living room, dust bookcase, move chair and couch and sweep under
-Sweep cobwebs off porch
-Sweep and dust office, dust ceiling fan
-Finish laundry
-Make bed with spring sheets and duvet
-Order veggie pizza
-Eat and watch 2001 SNL hosted by Conan
-Hit the hay

-Rise and shine
-Coffee and breakfast in bed while reading some of The Happiness Project with Coltrane and Bechet playing and the windows open, aka heaven
-Get ready
-Target, IKEA, and Central Market with Holly, more or less strike out on my shopping
-Leftover pizza and Broadcast News
-Remember how much I love Albert Brooks and watch Mother in bed
-Late night texting with Josh so he could tell me he met Billy Corgan at the WWE show

-Sleep in
-More laundry
-Finish organizing DVDs
-Dishes, clean counters, sweep
-Make menu and grocery list
-Read a little Happiness Project while waiting for Josh
-Josh is home, yay, fills me in on trip stories
-Chadra's for dinner, mmmm falafel
-Grocery shopping
-Put up groceries, make salads, get ready for bed
-Watch some Simpsons
-Finally fall asleep