Monday, October 26, 2009

Weekend Roundup

Oh boy- I have been sooo busy! The Smothers Brothers concert was great- Tommy Smothers pointed at me! Here's what I was so busy with:

-Sleep in, so needed it
-Clean house
-Rotate living room rug and water plants
-Plan baby shower table layout
-Put all extra chairs in living room for shower
-Josh gets home, put frozen pizza in the oven
-Shower while pizza cooks
-Out and into pjs to eat and watch dvr'd 30 Rock
-Make blueberry crumb bars and ranch dip for baby shower
-Hit the hay

-Get up and ready
-Central Market for the last of the baby shower food
-Back home to start prepping everything
-Holly arrives for some last minute help
-Mommy to be and family show up while I'm making sandwiches
-Baby Shower time, lots of talking, eating, cake and gift opening (a couple pics to come)
-Post shower clean up with mega-help from Josh and Holly
-Beatles Rock Band with Holly while Josh is off to jam at Matt's
-Chick-fil-a run for dinner
-Watch Manhattan and Rear Window
-See Holly off, Josh comes home
-Read some Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

-Sleep in
-Menu plan and grocery list
-Baby shower leftovers for lunch while watching Glee
-Grocery shopping
-Start laundry
-Clean and chop veggies for the week
-Composting (I'm the inadvertent gardener, things are growing in my compost!)
-Recruit Josh to help me make a big spider web in the front yard, hang my spider
-Work on a little more Halloween decor
-More leftovers for dinner while watching White Christmas (I must be the only person who can watch a Christmas movie after putting up her Halloween decorations.)
-Finish laundry
-A little more P&P&Z