Monday, October 12, 2009

Weekend Roundup

-Work, yuck
-Head home and look at past October issues of MS Living while waiting for Josh
-Make Mac & Cheese for dinner
-Head over to Matt & Ashley's brand new first home with a bottle of Cava to celebrate
-See the new house, recap our CA trip and hang out
-Back home for some late night taquitos and Beatles Rock Band
-Hit the hay

-Sleep in nice and late
-Whole Wheat Cinnamon-Oat Pancakes and coffee for breakfast
-A little TV while I finish uploading vacation pics to flickr
-Head to Michael's and Home Depot for Halloween decorations
-Grab some Chick-fil-a
-Some solo Beatles Rock Banding while Josh works on cleaning up his media files
-A little joint BRB
-Watch Groundhog's Day while playing Beatles Trivial Pursuit

-Sleep in, rapture
-Clean house, with Josh's help
-Make menu and grocery list
-Get ready
-Get groceries for us and Grandma Dorothy
-Drop our groceries at house
-Deliver groceries to Grandma and visit for a few hours
-Grab some Sonic on the way home
-Eat and watch a couple of Simpsons episodes
-Start thinking about Christmas ideas before I even put up the Halloween decorations