Friday, October 9, 2009

Cali Vacation Day 2: Muir Woods, Overlook, Beach and Sausalito

Second day of our vacation started out with Muir Woods where we had a lovely hike, saw a chipmunk, some deer and teeny tiny birds amongst the giant redwoods. Very beautiful and peaceful. From there we went to Muir Overlook, where we had a great view of the Pacific and saw ravens the size of a cat! Oh, and some sort of groundhog or similar hole dwelling vermin. Then we drove down to Muir Beach where, despite Josh's complaints about getting sand in his shoes, we saw starfish and anemones. Then we drove back in to Sausalito and had dinner on the bay at Scoma's. We split a dungeness crab and I had fish and chips with some truly amazing tartar sauce. Capped the meal off with some tiramisu and a boozey coffee. We drove back across the bay to San Francisco and drove around the city at night, stopping up at Coit Tower so I could take some night shots of the city. I had fun taking some pics out of the moving car window too, which I'll share later. Here are some pics from our outdoorsy day in the bay area. The rest can be seen here.

muirwoods13 muirwoods05


muirwoods10 muirwoods19



muirwoods25 muirwoods45