Monday, October 19, 2009

Weekend Roundup

-Work, blech
-Head to AT&T for our new iPhones, whee!
-Grab some Chipotle on the way home
-Eat and watch 30 Rock off DVR
-Target run to look for iPhone case
-Back home for some iPhone playing
-Solo Beatles Rock Banding
-Hit the hay

-Sleep in, but so not rested, ugh insomnia
-Search around for iPhone apps
-Eat leftover Chipotle
-Get ready
-Michael's for baby shower decor supplies
-Best Buy for iPhone cases
-Head down to museums to finish off roll of 120 film
-Back home for apple & wheat thins while watching Cosby show reruns
-Doug comes over to work with Josh
-Quick chip & salsa dinner
-Start getting ready while watching some As Time Goes By
-Holly gets there, finish getting ready
-Stop by Misty's for a beer
-Lola's for Saboteur, Dovehunter and Descender
-Hang out with Holly, visit Lisa & Jamie
-Stop by the Aardvark post-Holy Moly show
-Get lots of love from all my boys, one more beer, and then hit the road
-Late night Whataburger and Simpsons with Holly
-Wash up and hit the hay

-Sleep in
-Tidy house
-Make menu plan and grocery list
-Grocery shopping
-Start laundry while Josh puts up groceries
-Eat and watch some Ken Burns' National Parks
-Chop and clean lettuce for salads
-Finish National Parks episode
-Work on baby shower ideas while watching History Detectives
-Finish up laundry while watching last half of French Kiss
-Into bed to start reading Pride and Prejudice and Zombies