Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cali Vacation Day 3: Shopping, Shooting and the Golden Gate Bridge

Back to vacation re-cap! Day 3 of our vacation we drove in to the city to do a little shopping. Josh and I love H&M, but we don't have one here in Texas. Emily directed me to the H&M on Powell, so after a brief viewing of the Love Parade, that's where we headed. I bought a cute gray sweater dress, gray cardigan and cream & black striped tee. Josh got a few tees, a peachy/pink button down shirt, and a nice striped sweater. And Diggy was a good sport through our long shopping trip and bought Josh a brightly colored plaid bow tie- on the condition that Josh had to wear it to the film festival the next day. We followed the shopping up with a late afternoon meal at Sears diner where Josh had 18 tiny pancakes, and I enjoyed some of the best sausage I've ever had. Then we walked down to the Ferry Building for some picture taking, took a street car back up towards where we parked and then headed over to Chrissy Field. Walked down Chrissy Field to Fort Point for more picture taking. After we headed over to the Cliff House for a couple of glasses of wine and some truly scrumptious fried calamari. Then it was time for the boys to suffer for my art so I could take some night shots of the Golden Gate. We drove over to the Sausalito side to several look out spots. It was pretty cold, and soooo windy. The boys danced and serenaded me with their renditions of Spoon songs while I shot. I had lost feeling in my right middle finger by the time I was done for the evening. We packed up and went back into the city for some Chinese food. A variety of fried rices were ordered and we had a nice meal before we headed back to Palo Alto. I was exhausted when we got back and we were planning to get up early the next day so I uploaded my pics and hit the hay. Here are some of my Golden Gate Bridge photos. The rest can be seen here.

goldengate02 goldengate03

goldengate04 goldengate05

goldengate11 goldengate13



Olivia Carter said...

Lovely pictures of the Bridge. Really, very beautiful!

MrsEm said...

Amazing bridge photos! It looks like - despite the crazy wind - you had great weather in the city!