Tuesday, October 6, 2009


We're finally back from vacation. We had a wonderful time, although things got a little rough Sunday night, and have sort of trended that way ever since. The film festival was great, but my purse was ruined by a spilled drink in the theater. Then upon getting back to Diggy's I realized that I'd had tomato sauce on my shirt since dinner and no one had noticed or thought to inform me of this. We had to get up super early yesterday to get to the airport for our flight and that all went smoothly, or so we thought. For while things seemed fine on our end, little did we know that our luggage was having some problems of it's own. It decided to take another flight, so wasn't there to meet us at the airport. The agent said it'd be delivered around 7:00 PM, and if it hadn't shown up by 9 to call them back. When we got to Stephanie's house to pick up our car the battery was dead, so we munched on Twizzlers while we waited for AAA to come give us a charge. 9:00 rolls around and no luggage, so I call and the agent on the phone says the flight wasn't getting in until 10:30, so they won't know anything until then. Call it a day and go to bed, only to oversleep this morning when Josh hits the off button instead of snooze.

So, yeah. I know everybody says this, but I could really use another vacation to recover from our vacation. On the plus side they claim that our luggage did arrive and that it should be delivered today. Perhaps that's a sign things are on their way up.