Monday, September 14, 2009

Weekend Roundup

-Sleep in
-Peanut butter toast, banana and coffee
-Move fridge and clean behind/under
-Clean cabinet fronts
-Salad, pita w/ hummus and smoothie
-Scrub counters & grout with baking soda paste
-Flush sink drains with boiling water and baking soda/vinegar
-Scrub sink
-Sweep and mop
-Clean baseboards
-Clean dining room table and chairs
-Sweep and mop
-Amy's burrito for dinner while watching Glee
-Popcorn and a beer while watching Crimes and Misdemeanors

-Sleep in
-Cereal, banana, smoothie and coffee
-Clean master bath and bedroom
-Wash sheets and remake bed
-Order Swell Season tickets!
-Clean hall bath
-Salad, pretzels w/ mustard and apple
-Clean drum room, wash curtains
-Clean living room, sweep and mop hall and living room
-Wash rugs
-Rosemary roasted potatoes and sourdough grilled cheese for dinner
-Bridget Jones Diary and Girl With a Pearl Earring with some wine

-Try to sleep in despite cat's incessant meowing
-Clean up last night's dishes
-Leftover potatoes and fried eggs with coffee
-Meal plan and grocery list for week and party
-Start reading Mansfield Park
-Josh is home
-Get ready
-Grocery shopping for eternity
-Unload cargo
-Start laundry
-Salads and shells & cheese for dinner
-Watch Glee again with Josh
-Go over grocery receipts and budget while watching an American Experience
-Finish laundry
-Insomnia followed by cat-interrupted sleep, blerg