Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Weekend Roundup- Late, but with pictures!

-Sleep in
-Unpack, wash and put up my china
-Hang NYC map in my office
-General housework
-Borrow ironing board from Mom
-Make dinner & eat
-Finish up American Experience on the Kennedy's while working on my puzzle

-Rise and shine for Fate Lions rehearsal
-Hem and hang new curtains
-Tune into KTCU radio for Fate Lions on-air performance
-Lunch and a little Clarissa Explains It All
-Finish my puzzle
-Get ready
-Head to House of Blues for early soundcheck
-Wait, wait, wait around
-Full band soundcheck
-Order food and wait around green room
-Wander around HOB, run into Josh's old boss and friends
-More wandering and waiting around green room
-Watch Josh play with Back In Black from stage-side
-Hang out with Cory, Mike and ladies post-show
-Finally head home
-Crash into bed

-Sleep in late
-Menu plan and grocery list
-Get ready
-Grocery shopping
-Chipotle for dinner
-Hang photos in dining room
-Start laundry
-Make cookie dough and refrigerate
-Tidy garage while Josh and Randy work on music
-Finish laundry
-Hit the hay

-Sleep in
-Make Labor Day pancakes and bacon
-Scoop and freeze first batch of cookie dough
-Fold last load of laundry
-Make Black Bean Confetti Salsa for potluck
-Wash and prep veggies
-Shower and get ready
-Party it up at Clif & Duane's Labor Day potluck
-Home, chug some water and hit the hay