Thursday, September 17, 2009

House Projects

Basically the only thing that keeps me sane when there is disappointing stuff going on with the house (cracks, in case I haven't mentioned it enough), is making a list of all the improvements and projects I want to undertake. Raises my spirits. Considering it's STILL RAINING, I could use some raising.

-Install gutters on front and back of house, with rain barrels on each side of the garage, to help with drainage and lower water bill
-Put drain in flower bed by garage to help during flash floods
-Hire electrician to upgrade wiring and install switch in hall bath for over sink lights
-Get trees trimmed
-Dig up bushes near the shed
-Plant moonflowers along back backyard fence
-Build raised beds next to deck for vegetable gardening
-Plant container garden of herbs on south side of house
-Finish out laundry area with counter top, on-wall drying racks and rubber mats
-Arrange photo wall for the hallway
-Get Manhattan map framed for dining room
-Put trim up in bathroom and around mirror
-Extra insulation in attic?
-Get art for drum room
-Paint trim
-Paint spare bedroom
-Paint master bedroom?
-Re-do backyard shed