Thursday, September 10, 2009

Lovely Linda

I alluded to my most recent purchases a few posts ago. I have wanted these books for years, had them on my amazon wish list for quite a long time. Alas, they are out of print and therefore no one seemed to give them much thought when buying my Christmas or birthday presents. But my interest in photography collided with my recent McCartney obsession and so forth I went to eBay in search of them. I got Sixties from the Goodwill of San Francisco's eBay store, so at least the little I paid for it went to a good cause. The second book, Roadworks, came from a UK seller, but arrived just a few days after the first. These books are filled with beautiful photographs- famous musicians and strangers on the street. Linda McCartney was incredibly fortunate to be blessed with natural interest and talent that met with good timing and luck to create some amazing images. Some of the shots in these books truly take my breath away.