Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rainy Day Rant

More like rainy week rant. It's been raining since Friday evening, and it's making me miserable. It means that the ground is so saturated with water that all the cracks around doorways and such that had previously closed up are all coming back out big time throughout the house. Just in time for a bunch of our friends coming to see the house this weekend. Not to mention that I was really looking forward to using the back yard and deck for the gathering. I had high hopes for setting up the badminton and horseshoes, but now who knows? And I had finally found a good deal on the globe lights I wanted out there too. Obviously this wet weather has REALLY got me down. And looking into putting gutters on the house. How does one have gutters and Christmas lights? Cause Christmas lights are pretty high on my list of priorities.

The one thing cheering me up? Beatles Rock Band.