Tuesday, September 29, 2009

By the Bay

Tomorrow night we will be on our way to California and I can't wait! We get to stay with our friend Diggy in Palo Alto and wander around the bay area to have lots of fun. I'm notorious for being a super planner when it comes to travel, but this trip has been put together a little more loosely since I was a bit preoccupied with our housewarming. In fact, I still have to finish A LOT of packing tonight (mostly because I decided to fall asleep on the couch last night). But we've got a general schedule in place and I can't wait to explore and see San Francisco, Palo Alto and surrounding areas. Here's a general idea of what we're planning to see and do:

-Winchester Mystery House in San Jose
-The Trouble with Harry at the Stanford Theater

-Muir Woods , Muir Beach?, Tide Pools?, other outdoorsy things

-Shopping at H&M
-Richard Avedon exhibit at SFMOMA
-Coit Tower

-Lindy in the Park
-Stowe Lake
-Scary Cow 9th film fest at Victoria Theater, including Diggy's short film Cult Fiction

Other things to be fit in where/when able:
-Ferry Market
-Bob's Donuts
-Eating from a taco wagon
-Crissy Field and Fort Point?
-Secret slides?

Any other ideas or suggestions?


Tory said...

According to Man V Food there is a Burrito Place in the Mission district that claims to be the inventor of the mission style Burrito (AKA The Chipotle Burrito)I know you like them. You should check it out. (there is a Whole san Fran Episode that you might want to check out for Good snacky places and such, We did all the places for the Austin Ep. and were not disappointed)