Monday, June 22, 2009

Weekend Roundup

-Work, yuck
-Take out the compost
-Put up air mattress & luggage
-Reorganize spare bedroom closet
-Measure out spare bedroom floor plan
-Wash sheets
-Treat yard with cornmeal and spray deck for ants
-Order pizza
-Tidy desk & put up cork boards
-Eat with Josh and Matt
-Study a bit

-Up early
-Shower and get ready
-Grab some donuts
-Intro to Digital Photography @ Fort Worth Camera
-Buy camera remote and card reader
-Digital Photography 1 class @ FWC
-Central Market to grab cake supplies
-Leftover pizza for lunch while waiting for Angie
-Make almond flavored yogurt cake with blueberries & whipped cream with Angie
-Head to Rob & LeAnn's for movie party
-Eat manicotti, watch Straight-Jacket, play (and win) Scene It, and generally have a fun and hilarious time with our friends
-Head home late and hit the hay

-Sleep in big time
-Make menu plan and grocery list
-Get ready
-Hit Lowes to make returns and pick up new doorknob, programmable thermostat and water heater insulation
-Grocery shopping and pick up dinner for later
-Unload groceries and clean out fridge
-Clean house while Josh mows lawn
-John & Ann come over for a quick Father's Day dinner
-A little Newsweek reading