Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekend Roundup- Hot Hot Heat Edition

Our A/C decided to surrender just before the Texas heat hit town. Thankfully our house has good windows, insulation and a good amount of shading from our many trees, but let me tell you folks it is still plenty toasty in there. Friday was actually the worst heat-wise since Uncle Gary had to have the door to the garage open while repairing it for us. Luckily he was able to come by and do that though, as that has also helped keep the extra heat out. We're more or less living in the bedroom, utilizing the ceiling fan, a pedestal fan and keeping the well shaded windows open all but the hottest part of the day. We keep all the lights off unless absolutely necessary to keep any unneeded heat at bay. I bought lots and lots of fresh produce and we'll be having almost all no-cook meals this week. I need to boil a pot of pasta tonight, but aside from that everything is either no-cook or a quick turn round in the microwave. Obviously the heat has put quite a damper on our activities. Looking at a week of doing as little as possible, while we wait for our home warranty provider to acquire a new compressor for our little hot house. Aside from being hot I did some reading, hung out a little bit with Holly, and ate some leftover BBQ at the In-Laws. A very unproductive weekend indeed, but who wants to accomplish things when it requires so much sweating? Blech.

I think I've more than made up for it by accomplishing plenty this morning, in the cool air conditioning of my office. I changed our electricity plan to get a way better rate, canceled our premium channels before the free period expired, and arranged delivery of our new smaller trash cart and repair of our recycling cart lid. So there!