Wednesday, June 10, 2009

6 Months Down

Wow, it's June already. Can you even believe it? I sure can't. This year has gone by so fast so far. I really haven't been very goal-oriented this year, so I thought I would do a little resolution check-up to try and help get myself back on track. So, what did I have on this year's to-do list again and where do I stand on them?

Read 15 books- have read a mere 3 books that I can recall off the top of my head, but I'll be finishing a fourth this week and am already into three others.
Set up an efficient new household- I'd say this task is half accomplished. I need to get my office completely organized, but we keep up with the housework and are slowly ticking projects and tasks off our list.
Finish my needed dental work- Don't ask.
Try yoga and tai chi- Haven't tried yet, but I've got a couple of instructional DVDs in the Netflix queue.
Watch 5 foreign films- Haven't started yet, but I've got one at the house from Netflix just waiting for me to find time to watch it.
Travel more- One real vacation and one family vacation so far this year.
Cross 5 things of life-goals list- I can now cross "Visit Washington DC" off the list.

2008 Continued:
More physical activities: pilates & walking- Have been super lazy lately, but I've got a ballet conditioning DVD on the way from Netflix.
Study photography and experiment- I've been studying recommended books, taken a class on my camera, and have two photography classes coming up in the next two weeks.
Keep up with Newsweek reading- I'm currently one issue behind, but so far so good.
See our friends more often- We've definitely been socializing more, and this should only increase once we feel ready to really start entertaining.
Improve my wardrobe- Having a new, well organized closet has helped me know what I need and what I have too much of already. I could still use some improvements though.
Be much more money conscious- Failing miserably at this one. We're still living below our means and saving a lot, but I have a very consumerist mentality after needing to buy so much stuff for the new house. Trying to remember that I don't truly "need" everything I think of.
Try 4 new restaurants- Have only tried one new local restaurant, that I can think of, so need to start chowing down!


Olivia Carter said...

Good list! I love foreign films- there are some really good ones out there BUT there are some really bad ones so pick carefully! HA!