Friday, June 12, 2009

Another Iron in the Fire

As if I don't have enough plans and projects on my to-do list as a new homeowner I'm constantly coming up with more to add to it. The latest idea that has come to me is to make/build a canopy for the deck in the backyard. I want something to shade the area, especially in these hothothot Texas summers, but I don't want something as big and difficult to move as a patio umbrella. Even when you close them those big umbrellas are still there- like an unattractive fabric obelisk. So instead I'm mulling over some sort of hybrid between these two ideas from Martha Stewart (who else).

I had already bookmarked the first project and discussed it with Josh as a way to string some lovely globe lights around the deck area. With the temperature rising and my thoughts turning to creating some shade I realized that this second picture, which I had tucked away in my house inspiration folder, might be a great solution to work in unison with the first. And I can take down and fold the canopy, and tuck it away when it isn't needed- no eye sores involved. So, it's on the list. Along with organizing my office, hanging the picture rail, putting molding up in the bathroom, putting the posters in their new frames, building my raised garden, finishing the drain work, fixing the doors, etc., etc., etc. It sure is a good thing I like lists so much. :)


Carissa Byers said...

I seriously have the same idea for our deck! Based on something I saw on HGTV, sort of. Lemme know if you need any help! I'm not sure where to start.