Monday, June 1, 2009

The Good and The Bad

The bad parts of our trip:
-More turbulence than I care for on our flight in
-So, so many end-of-year school trips, resulting in a constant crowd of annoying kids in matching t-shirts
-Weather that was unable to decide what it wanted to do from one moment to the next
-Skipping out on the White House because of so much rain
-Annoying/confusing street plan
-Lack of really awesome restaurants
-Crappy H&M, resulting in minimal shopping spree

The good parts of our trip:
-An evening with just Steve & Meri, thanks to arriving in town before anyone else
-Spending time with Diggy, seeing sites and eating junk food
-Finding Phillip L. Mascari on the Vietnam Vet Memorial
-A beautiful ceremony and reception
-Wedding night pub time with family and friend's
-Seeing Kermit & Oscar the Grouch at American History Museum
-The Golden Girls marathon on TV

Just a quick, general recap of our trip. I've got a good amount of stuff to do before I leave again Wednesday afternoon, so pics and more will have to wait.

Also, I HIGHLY recommend making time to clean house before you go out of town. It was so wonderful to come home to a clean and tidy place. Not being faced with rooms full of chores was so nice. We were able to grab a few groceries, unpack, and after two loads of laundry were ready to enjoy a movie and start the work week.