Friday, June 26, 2009

Weekend Fun

I am looking forward to a weekend full of fun and hopefully some progress too. Just what am I anticipating?

Tonight- Packing up our picnic supplies and heading out to Concert in the Garden for an evening of jazz, food and fireworks.

Saturday- Heading to Goodwill and HomeGoods with Holly and getting several projects around the house wrapped up (some of them quite literally).

Sunday- Seeing Josh's band, Fate Lions, and many others at the Fort Worth Weekly Music Awards Festival. If you're feeling very generous today you could do us a favor and zip on over to that link and vote for Fate Lions. They've been nominated for Rock Band, Rock Album of the Year, and Rock Song of the Year. They were also recently the feature story in the Weekly's Music section.

Pic from last year's outing to Concert in the Garden.


Jennifer M. said...

We used to love those fireworks, now we hate them because they wake Lila up at 10:00 PM and she cries until they're done. And now, the closer we get to the 4th, the dang fireworks are just getting longer and louder. Ugh...