Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Q & A

These are the questions. They need answers. Suggestions welcome.

-Should I apply for the part-time job at the FW Museum of Science & History? My availability would be all hours Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

-If I do apply for said job, how would I schedule all my dental work around it? Friday was my go-to dental day, but probably not if I get a second job.

-Will a 5 month/$1200 per month dental plan work out between me and the dentist?

-How would that plan, if implemented, affect our goal to be in a house before Christmas?

-Should I amend our original goals to add an additional 2K to emergency savings and 4K to down payment savings before doing the whole house thing, since the dental damage to the wallet was an unknown at the time?

-Should I bite the bullet, use the $1200 IRS stimulus I tucked away and take advantage of Josh having to be in NYC Sept. 25 & 26 to get to New York myself and see Woody Allen perform at the Carlyle? Checking a big one of the 'ol bucket list, especially since he'll (hopefully) kick the bucket before me.

-What are my talent, passion and purpose in life? Forget that, I don't have time to worry about that stuff right now!

-Should I hold my breath till I pass out, then repeat until I don't have to make any of these decisions? (Psst, leaning towards yes on this one)


Emily said...

These are the answers we all need.

As for the passion, etc...pick up a copy of The Renaissance Soul. It's for people who want to do everything - to help them narrow it down.

And yes - definitely go for that job. It would be awesome.

Anonymous said...

that's too much to think about. let's just have some drinks.