Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Prep Work

Sorry, no Weekend Roundup post this week. Just didn't much feel like it. Anyhoo, looking to get ready for my first big round of dental work this Friday. When you don't handle pain all that well, and tend to have long recovery times, the best you can do is just get as ready as you can. So, here is my list of things to get done before 10:00 AM Friday morning. Mostly just posting to help keep me on track and make sure I actually get them done. I have to get the ball rolling on my passport stuff before then too, so those chores are included.

-Get ice cream and pudding (darn back to school rush, no chocolate pudding at all at the store!)
-Pick up prescription at Walgreen's
-Get bangs trimmed
-Arrange time for Mom to keep me company Friday night, and Holly to keep me company Saturday
-Pick out Friday clothes
-Get passport paperwork together
-Borrow DVD's from Justin or Mom?
-Load iPod shuffle with new music
-Vacuum, tidy up every room
-Set up air mattress in living room
-Set up books, magazines, etc. next to mattress
-Remember to take check book to dentist office
-Eat a good breakfast
-Handle passport stuff at the Post Office
-Be on time to the dentist's office


Lynn said...

Good luck with your dental work, Jessica.


Anonymous said...

Hugs girl...I just had a bunch done too and it got infected, so I am wishing you much better luck!