Monday, August 4, 2008

Weekend Roundup

-Dentist, yikes
-Work, blech
-Call satellite to find out about necessity of phone line
-Impressionists exhibit at Kimbell Art Museum, beautiful!
-Dinner at Caro's, mmm margarita
-Learn 60's dance moves with Josh
-Hit the hay

-Rise & shine
-Coffee and toast breakfast
-Josh calls to sort out phone & internet stuffs
-Sort through LPs, videos and books to get rid of
-Hot dogs for lunch
-Update money software
-Look over our electronics situation
-Finish grocery list
-Get ready
-Hang out time with Holly & Misty, watch Wonderfalls
-Dinner from 7-11, chicken salad and apple slices
-Telegraph Canyon at The Moon
-Back home

-Up and at 'em
-Coffee & cheese toast
-Catch Move Over, Darling on TV
-Get ready
-Get all our stuff together
-Make Goodwill drop
-Sell LPs, videos and books to Hal Price Books, $18.75 cha-ching
-Return shoes to Dillard's, $46 back in our pocket
-Return extra swim suit bottom, $16 to put towards groceries
-Grocery shopping
-Unload groceries
-Prep sourdough and challah for the freezer
-Help Josh put perfume and lotion up on eBay
-Pizza for lunch
-Clean and prep all the produce
-Tidy up the kitchen
-Finish figuring out all the plug/outlet/surge protector stuff
-Go over some paperwork, with some Ben & Jerry's
-Put more magazine tear-outs in binder
-New dental routine
-Hit the hay


Anonymous said...

yay! i can post a comment now!

i love your lists--and i love to make lists. i don't like when i have to 'carry over' things i haven't done from yesterday's list to today's. that makes me sad. i love crossing things off!

here's to lists!