Monday, August 18, 2008

Weekend Roundup

-Work, blech
-Upper arm workout
-Make dinner
-Eat pizza, drink champagne and watch Rear Window with Josh
-Hit the hay

-Rise & shine
-Get ready
-Stop to pick up potato salad, strawberries and watermelon
-Niki's Birthaduation Party at Jason & Jenn's
-Head home
-Watch Olympics, snack on potato salad and chips for dinner
-Yeah Michael Phelps!
-Watch some Critic
-Fall asleep

-Make menu plan and grocery list
-Watch last half of Clue
-Grocery shopping
-Do dishes
-Clean and prep produce
-Clean kitchen
-Clean bathroom
-Tidy living room
-Clean dining room table
-Make dinner, mac & cheese and chicken tenders, mmmm
-Watch Arrested Development Season 3 episodes and edit pics
-Go over financial stuff with Josh
-Try to sleep, mostly fail, ha


Anonymous said...

so many of my blogging buddies have talked about arrested development--so i took out season 1 from my library. HELLO! i LOVE this show!!! i'm picking up season 2 tonight. how could this gem have been canceled?! where's the justice?!? argh!

Jessica said...

It really is my favorite TV show of all-time, and that's saying a lot for the girl who has all those TV theme songs on her computer!

And the thought that AD is available from the library is a beautiful thing.