Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Resolutions Update V

Well, not much to really update on. I've managed to try 4 new restaurants, not including our NYC eats of course, so that can be scratched off the list. I am doing better on keeping up with my Newsweek subscription, I've been updating my Money software weekly and I think we can count my last big shopping trip as a good step to improving my wardrobe. The impending cruise is really boosting my interest in exercise, despite the triple digit temps. 60 day countdown till swim suit time, yikes! And I'm pleased to say that I have started my list of life goals. I was aiming for 100 things. I've got around 60 or so down right now, and I'm not sure what else there is to add to it. It might end up less than 100, but that's fine with me. No point in forcing myself to make goals just to meet an arbitrary number, right? I would definitely say that I haven't been working enough on my interests, especially photography, although I did shoot and edit a lot of pics from Spencer & Deb's wedding.

Need to get back on course with photography, reading regularly, being tidier, going to the last museum, and eating better.