Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Pudding Face

I'll be spending some time on a soft food diet, what with all the impending dental work. I can't decide if pudding should be on the grocery list or not.


Steph said...

I say yes. I recently bought a pack of sugar free dark chocolate pudding and it's actually very tasty. I thought it would be gross (because most sugar free puddings are) but the dark chocolate is good. Maybe the darker chocolate makes up for the lack of sugar, who knows. Rodney loves it too - even though I'M the one on Weight Watchers.

Still love this picture, even after all these years.

Pill Box Tales said...

PUDDING! PUDDING! PUDDING! Doooooooooooo it.

Anonymous said...

gee...you and i must have gone to the same beauty shop as kids. i had those exact bangs. lol. :)

go for cozy shack rice pudding...it's the best!