Friday, April 4, 2008

Ten Years

Ten years ago today Josh asked me, ever so sweetly, to be his girlfriend. I of course said yes and we've been together ever since. Some people think it's silly to celebrate your dating anniversary after you're married, but to them I say Pah! We have an anniversary to celebrate every 6 months this way. I looked through my box of notes and letters from Josh this morning and thought I would like to share one. I'm so happy that I get to spend the next 10 x infinity years with him.

Once, in a beautiful garden, there was a sparse patch of fresh, green grass, far away from all the other plants. In the center of this grass grew the most beautiful rose in the world! This rose's name was Jessica.

Jessica was a lonely rose. Because she was a wild flower, she had been planted from a wild seed dropped by a passing bird. Her home was lonely and isolated from the other flowers, so she never had any friends, besides the grass, but what she really longed for was a flower to love.

One day Jessica saw a bird flying over head when all of a sudden a seed fell from the sky and laid down in the soft lush grasses. Jessica was so happy that she might actually get to have a friend! She told the grasses to gobble it into the soil and give it nutrients. Being silly invalid grasses, they did as they were told.

Soon a handsome male rose grew from the seed. His name was Joshua. Joshua and Jessica fell in love. They married, mixed seeds, and grew a beautiful patch of different color roses! And the bird who dropped both their seeds was God! And he brought Josh and Jessica together because they were meant for each other!


Steph said...

I'd also like to mention that in a way, it is also our friendship anniversary. Because you and Josh started dating, we became friends.

here's to ten more years, I love you guys!

Pill Box Tales said...

That was very sweet.

Digant C Kasundra said...

How long where you dating before he wrote that note to you?

Jessica said...

Diggy- I don't have a date on the note, but it was probably during year two or three. :) Miss you!

Digant C Kasundra said...

Year 2 or 3 makes sense. I was thinking he did that right off the bat, which seems risky. Girls never seem to like my love notes. Probably b/c they deal heavily with mathematical formulas.

love.boxes said...

You seem like the perfect pair too! Congratulations!

Jenny said...

happy anniversary!
I saw a chipotle bumpber sticker on a car last night and thought of you.