Thursday, April 10, 2008

Spring Cleaning

With Josh rehearsing with one band Saturday morning, and another one Saturday evening I find myself with some time on my hands. Unfortunately, I already have the perfect time-filler, that old Spring cleaning list. Able to remove a couple of things from my old list, but needed to add a couple on. And there needs to be a big-time purge of all the closets. Time to say goodbye to all those useless items I hoard. Trying to reform your pack-rat ways can be a challenge!

-Wash sheets and blanket
-Vacuum mattress
-Put up clean laundry
-Tidy closet and bedside area
-Dust bedroom
-Vacuum floor and walls

Living room:
-Wash sofa blanket
-Vacuum sofa and chair
-Tidy and clean off coffee table
-Lint-roll curtains
-Dust TV stand, bookcases, and desk
-Vacuum floor and walls

Dining room:
-Clean off table and wipe down
-Vacuum floor and walls

-Wipe down cabinet fronts and counter tops
-Clean out fridge and freezer
-Clean sink and drains
-Clean microwave
-Microwave sponge
-Empty and clean trash can
-Sweep and mop floor

-Scrub bathtub, tile and shower doors
-Clean toilet
-Scrub sink
-Clean counter top and mirror
-Sweep and mop
-Wash floor mat

-Clean cat box
-Clean windows
-Make next week's menu plan & grocery list
-Grocery shopping


Anonymous said...

Ahh! Darn you! I want to start my spring cleaning SOOO badly! Have to wait until after tax season every year.