Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Resolutions Update II

Well, I won't go through the whole rigmarole, cause I'm a bit busy this afternoon, but through March I managed to:

Read 2 more books- Pride & Prejudice and Darcy's Story- and start Sense & Sensibility
Go to second museum- Amon Carter- leaving just one more to hit
Buy tickets for stand-up performance
Save $2000 towards down-payment
Walk either 30 minutes or mile & a half on the track 4-5 days each week
Vacuum more often than not
Sign up for photography class
Meet a dozen new people, especially neighborhood people

All in all, not too bad for one month. This weekend I picked up a Calcium & Vitamin D supplement and tonight I'm doing some pilates, so here's to at least attempting to take better care of myself. Wonder what all April has in store for me. Besides showers, of course.


love.boxes said...

Wow Jess! That list is an inspiration!