Monday, February 25, 2008

Weekend Roundup

-Sleep in
-Watch Mister Roger's Neighborhood and have coffee
-Work on computer
-Do dishes
-Listen to new vinyls
-Clean kitchen
-Have toast
-Clean bathroom counter
-Scrub bathtub
-Josh comes home
-Shower and get ready
-Head to Ocean Rock for dinner- Fat-tire battered halibut tacos are good, but hard to eat
-Head downtown and park
-Walk to McDavid Studio for concert
-Find seats with two nice gents, Randall and Jeff
-Make pleasant conversation and enjoy my beer
-Enjoy the UNT One O'Clock Lab Jazz Band's amazing performance
-Head home and download some more jazz- Sarah Vaughan singing lots of Gershwin, mmmm
-Hit the hay

-Wake up a little late
-Work on menu plan
-Warm up pancakes while Josh makes coffee
-Eat and finish up menu
-Get ready
-Head to Butler's antiques- bought an old shoe form, back-issue of Living, and a little something for a blog swap
-Over to Record Town for some more new vinyl and then next door to Dutch's for omg best burgers in town, bacon bleu cheese mmmmm
-Head home stuffed and work on grocery list
-Head to Guitar Center for new drum heads and Target for groceries
-Get home and unload cargo
-Settle into bedroom and go over financials while Josh and Matt work on music
-Eat jalapeno poppers and cheese sticks
-Watch French Kiss on TV
-Climb in bed and finish reading Bridget Jones's Diary, suspect enjoy book more since can imagine Colin Firth in every paragraph ;)

-Sleep in
-Have cereal, coffee and read some Newsweek
-Try and learn to drive stick, just practice reverse and first gear in our parking lot- so hard, leg hurts
-Watch ancient Grace Kelly documentary dvr'd from PBS
-Call Steph for a nice chat
-Make nice refreshing tuna salad- olive-oil packed tuna, light mayo, little lemon juice, chopped green apple and sliced red grapes, shoved in a wheat pita with baby spring mix, mmmm
-Watch dvr'd episode of Oprah
-Try to start reading about photography, get distracted by Twister
-Watch entirety of Twister, while personally devastating rest of cookies n cream ice cream
-Read more of photography lessons online and watch House Hunters
-Run to Sonic for some quick dinner
-Finish up Oscar's
-Climb in bed and start Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason
-Finally fall asleep


love.boxes said...

I really liked those books. I read them on tape and the reader was hilarious. :)

Heather said...

I LOVE jalapeno poppers and cheese sticks!

Holly said...

Jessica said...

Oh man! Josh has forbid me from spending all our money buying Colin Firth. Unless he gets an hdtv, which wouldn't leave me enough money to buy Colin.