Thursday, February 14, 2008

Brooklyn Bridge, New York City, Day 3

I decided to do this as it's own little post because these are some of my favorite pictures. Day 3 we got up, got ready, and walked a couple blocks uptown to Zabar's where I grabbed some souvenirs, and we grabbed some coffee, juice, and croissants from their cafe. We headed back to the hotel to drop off the stuff and eat our breakfast, and then we popped back out and took the subway down to Fulton St. We visited St. Paul's Chapel, which I'll leave to a separate post, and from there we headed to the Brooklyn Bridge. We were really sore from all the walking we did the day before, so we just walked up to the first set of arches and back. It was still a really great experience though. Next time it would be really great to cross all the way starting from Brooklyn. P.S.- Finally figured out how to get good resized pics from flickr, ha. Sorry about the previous pics quality.

nyc.fave.066 nyc.fave.068
nyc.fave.072 nyc.fave.073


Mumsy said...

Your pictures are awesome. And you are totally inspiring me to be a tourist and do all of the things I've never, after living here for only 6 1/2 years...

Jessica said...

Thanks Lindsey! There's so much to do and see, you should definitely take a vacation in your own city!