Monday, February 18, 2008

Weekend Roundup

-Work, blech
-Stop by apartment
-Head to AT&T to renew contract and get new phones
-Have big discussion about money, blech again
-Grab some Chipotle
-Watch Flight of The Conchords & eat
-Download new ringtone for new phone
-Go by Josh's mom's house to pick up birthday present and have a quick visit
-Back home
-Grey comes over for more Conchords
-Retire to bedroom to watch Fred & Ginger and read magazines
-Fall asleep

-Wake up
-Do dishes & make coffee
-Have cheese toast & coffee
-Watch Everyday Food and Everyday Baking while storm rolls in
-Watch Antiques Roadshow
-Look at mutual fund stuff
-Work on our taxes, blech blech blech
-Eat leftovers
-Make weekly menu plan & grocery list
-Go grocery shopping/wedding gift shopping at Target
-Unload groceries while Josh makes mac & cheese and chicken tenders, mmmmm
-Eat and finish What Not To Wear episode in dvr
-Matt comes over for recording work with Josh
-Retire to bedroom to read about retirement investing and stocks
-Watch more Fred & Ginger while reading & enjoying some ice cream
-Climb into bed for more reading
-Doze off

-Wake up
-Have coffee and read Newsweek
-Wrap wedding gifts
-Eat cheese toast
-Watch some of NYC documentary while getting read
-Iron Josh's shirt
-Hair & makeup
-Head to Nick & Jody's wedding
-Lovely ceremony, head to reception
-Hang out with all the fellas, eat, have cake, etc.
-Head to Fuzzy's Taco Shop after reception for more grub with Murray & Claire, Eddie & Nina, and Josh
-Go over to Nick & Jody's house for post-wedding partying
-Sing along with the girls, laugh along with the boys, finally head home
-Crash into bed


Laura said...

Flight of The Conchords!
Yay! I'm a bigger fan of their music than the show...but I'm happy other people know them, too!