Monday, February 11, 2008

Weekend Roundup

-Work, blech
-Hit up Michael's for craft supplies
-Work on valentines for swap while watching NYC documentary
-Welcome Josh home
-Grab some Sonic for dinner
-Tidy up
-Hit the hay

-Wake up
-Have toast and coffee
-Research our credit reports and credit scores
-Get ready
-Go to niece Abbey's 1st birthday party
-Head home and finish uploading best NYC pics
-Go over to Steph & Rodney's for game night
-Play Cranium and Scene It Music, win both, huzzah
-Go home and hit the hay

-Wake up
-Read info about home buying and credit scores in Suze Orman guidebook
-Get ready
-Go grocery shopping
-Unload groceries
-Check mail and laundry room
-Start laundry
-Clean kitchen counters
-Tidy dining room table
-Clean shower doors
-Tidy bedside table
-Tidy closet
-Finish laundry
-Watch HGTV while reading more about houses
-Order in some Chinese for dinner
-Watch Pride & Prejudice part 1
-Set DVR for Westminster Dog Show this week
-Make the bed with fresh sheets
-Hit the hay

I finally got the 'greatest hits' of our NYC pics uploaded this weekend, so look for lots of pics this week!