Monday, July 26, 2010

Weekend Roundup

-Work, yuck
-Get home, and get ready to clean
-Quick dinner
-Lots and lots of house cleaning while Josh is in Denton for show
-Late night snacks while watching Manhattan Murder Mystery
-Josh gets home and gets cleaned up
-Hit the hay

-Totally oversleep
-Shower and get ready
-Have to skip school festival thanks to oversleeping
-Head out to IKEA
-Get two benches, clock, and frame for exhibition photo
-Back home, unload cargo
-Bowl of cereal and a couple of eggs for a late lunch
-Watch a little HGTV
-Head to Stephanie & Rodney's
-Visit with the babies for a little bit
-Everybody packs in to the mini-van to head out for some drinking and golfing
-Drinks, food, laughs, and some hits at the driving range
-Back to the DeMeglio casa for some cake and games
-Head home
-Crash in to bed

-Up early to finish household tidying
-Shower and get ready
-Dad & Karen come by to see the house
-Lunch at Pappadeaux's, such good alligator
-Goodbye's and back home
-Menu planning and grocery listing
-Grocery shopping
-Unload the goods, clean and prep veggies
-Start some laundry
-A bit of reading, finish Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter, while Josh mows the yards
-A little Newsweek reading
-Start an episode of Make 'Em Laugh
-Grab some Rosa's for dinner
-Eat and finish Make 'Em Laugh episode
-Do muscle relaxation exercise homework
-Interwebing, Skyping and re-watching Manhattan Murder Mystery
-Finish laundry