Thursday, July 1, 2010

Resolutions Update

I can hardly believe we are already at the halfway point for 2010. It seems like every year passes by faster and faster, doesn't it? Figured that today would be the ideal day to take a look at the progress, if any, I've made on some of my goals for the year. Let's see if I've gotten anything done, shall we?

.Read 20 books- Bahaha. I've read three. I'm reading a couple right now, so maybe I can catch up on this one. Doesn't seem very likely though.
.Exercise at least twice a week- I was doing great on this one until I injured my toe. I'm trying to get back in the ballgame now, especially since I have weight to lose from being off my feet for so long.
.Improve my eating habits- Again, not so awesome. Trying to get back on the ball, and then I could still use some more improvements.
.Be a better listener- probably failing at this one, though I keep trying so that's a partial success, right?
.Learn to drive- I've driven Josh and I twice this year, and now that we've got the automatic Honda Fit I can make much more progress. I look forward to doing some practice driving this weekend.
.Get a full physical/gyno/bloodwork- I may have discovered 4 new health problems to deal with, but this one is a big checkmark. None of these problems are life threatening, so what are some eye drops and daily pills compared to living a long, healthy life?
.Learn some tactics for handling stress
- I'm going in for another appointment with my therapist tomorrow to work on my biofeedback, and learn how to adjust my body's response to stressors.
.Start a vegetable garden in back yard and container herb garden in side yard- I planted some cilantro, basil, and a tomato, pepper, strawberry, and cantaloupe plant. The cilantro is dead, I've eaten one tomato I've grown, and have one pepper to show for my efforts so far. We'll see how the plants fare the rest of the summer before I decide to go further with the veggie garden idea.
.Learn how to develop my own black & white film- a whole lotta nada going on here
.Have clothes hemmed- again zip, not sure why this task is so difficult for me
.Finish family photos for the hallway- zero progress made
.Get my Beatles tattoo- I got my Conan tattoo first, but I'm hoping to get this one before the year is out.
.Be more like Diane Keaton, Jane Birkin, Linda McCartney, Katharine Hepburn, and Audrey Hepburn- I should probably think up some more specific ways in which I can be following the example of these fabulous ladies.
.Rent a cabin- I'm thinking the Holiday Inn Express we just stayed in doesn't cross this one off my list.
.Finish organizing my office- More or less done, although I make it messy every week, so it's constantly in need of re-organizing.
.Cross 2 things off my Life List- Hmm, I need to actually take a look at my list again and see what all I can consider done. I think I had visit Niagara Falls on there, in which case we consider this resolution half finished.

So, there we go. That's what I've managed to get done in the past 6 months. Of course I've also met one of my biggest inspirations in person, made a lot of new friends, decided on a path I'd like to follow, and applied to school. We'll see where the next 6 months take me as I move more down that path and actually start school in the fall!