Thursday, July 29, 2010

Long Days

I've had a long week so far. Not terrible, just long. Although I've been sleeping horribly, so that part hasn't been so great. Monday night I managed to push myself to make dinner, despite my general exhaustion. I'm glad, because it was a really good new recipe that I'll be sharing soon on Small Time Cooks. I'm reading a good book that I started on Monday and am already almost done with. For such a slow reader like me that is quite a feat. My house is still pretty darn tidy after all the cleaning I did this weekend. We all know how nice it is to come home to a clean house. Tuesday I was having a very rough day, I barely slept at all the night before, and ended up leaving work midday to go home for a nap. I worked a bit from home that afternoon, and used the rest of the evening to get my photos ready for the exhibition in August.

Yesterday was like a marathon. I slept in just a smidge, got up and got ready and had a big breakfast and coffee. Then it was off to the community college campus to take my placement test. Did great on the essay and reading portions, did poorly as expected on the math. They said I can keep working on my math though, and take another placement test right before school to see if I can move ahead in the developmental classes some more. Once I was done, they luckily had a few spots left in that afternoon's new student group advisement that is required before you can register for classes. So I wasted some time by walking to Jamba Juice and back, and then went through that orientation. I've enrolled in two classes online, and I have to go back by the school to enroll in the developmental math course I need. Once I've done that and paid my tuition (yuck) I'll be good to go, I guess. After 12 years, I'll be a student again. Yoinks! I feel like I'm there undercover or something. I was definitely older than everyone else in the advisement class, but I look so young I don't think anyone could really tell. It such a weird feeling, ha.