Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Weekend/Sick Roundup

Well, I'm still on the couch with my leg up. Toe is still a bit swollen, despite steroids, ice and trying to keep it elevated. I probably was on it too much over the weekend. We did a little grocery shopping, had dinner at Pop-in-law's with the Hoover clan for Mother's Day, and Chinese and Wii Golf at the Mom-in-law's. Went in to work yesterday and there was an incident with a file cabinet nearly crushing my injured toe. So here I sit, because I apparently I can barely move without nearly killing myself. And I'll be damned if I'm not going to make it to Thursday night. Two days until I get to see and meet one of my biggest inspirations!


Caroline, No. said...

Question 1: what have you done to your foot?! Question 2: who are you seeing in two days?!

Jessica said...

1. I started to trip when getting out of bed last week, and in trying to not trip I misstepped and damaged my big toe- maybe fractured it.

2. I'm meeting on of my heroes, Conan O'Brien. His tour stops here Thursday and we have Meet & Greet tickets. Can't wait!!

Caroline, No. said...

Oh no! Hope your foot recovers. I broke a metatarsal in my foot a few years ago and they couldn't do anything for it, I just had to go really carefully for a while. I hope it mends quickly.

Have fun on Thursday! Conan hasn't reached the UK. I'll look him up. (He must be good. We share so many other tastes!)