Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekend Roundup

I've sort of fallen off the face of the blogosphere lately. Can hardly think of anything worth writing about, and haven't even been reading that much either. I've got 144 entries in my Google Reader to catch up on. But it's a Monday morning at work, so that probably won't take long. ;) This weekend was jam-packed.

-Podiatrist appointment, toe not fractured, soft tissue damage, more steroids and boot time
-Back home, try repeatedly to upload video to youtube, fail
-Shower and get ready
-Head to House of Blues in Dallas
-Lots of waiting around
-Boys are finally done with sound check
-Eat dinner
-Everybody else gets there
-Watch the Rock School kids for a little bit
-Hang out in green room
-Watch some of Appetite for Destruction, GnR tribute band
-More hanging out in green room
-Back in Black time, station myself on the side of the stage
-Get accosted by Slash impersonator
-Back In Black finishes up
-Load out and head home
-Grab some Jack In The Box on the way
-Eat, get ready for bed
-Hit the hay

-Sleep way in
-Get ready
-Head to Clif & Duane's for Jason's surprise birthday party
-Party down with everyone, eat, drink and be generally merry
-Head to Josh's mom's house for pizza and movies for his brother's birthday
-Watch Life of Brian and MST3K: Boggy Creek
-Head home
-Ready for bed

-Sleep in
-Get ready
-Grocery shopping
-Lots of TV and computer time
-Get ready for bed
-Fall asleep watching Kids In The Hall