Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Feelin' Funky

But not in a good way. In a bit of a funk lately. A mood, if you will. Might be my body trying to adjust to these new birth control pills. Might be the lack of exercise thanks to my stupid boot. Who knows? Not me. What do you do when you're feeling a bit down?


MrsEm said...

Volunteer (altruistically) or buy something like flowers or a candle. (selfishly)

Olivia Carter said...

Ewwww.... I hate that feeling. I totally felt it a couple weeks ago. My friend blamed it on the moon, which sounds a little cooky talk but who am I to say.

I agree with the above commenter. Flowers always make me feel better, as well as service. I did both & cleaned my whole house squeaky clean. And watched a bunch of sappy movies too. Just wallowed a bit & let it pass. I also detoxed a bit from the computer. That helped too.

Good luck! Hope you feel better soon!