Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The People in My Neighborhood

I mentioned at least once before how much of an impact Sesame Street had on me, and continues to have on me. So I couldn't possibly let today pass by without saying Happy Anniversary to one of the most influential and positive things to come out of our public broadcast system. Seriously, if you didn't grow up on Sesame Street I feel sad for you. I just can't imagine my childhood without it. I wish I could embed a video or two to share with you, but they're not crazy about sharing like that. You can however view hundreds of clips here, including my favorite, Ernie's Shopping List. They also have a youtube channel with a large sampling of videos from their website. What's your favorite Sesame Street moment? Happy 40th Sesame Street!

P.S. Side note: I totally ordered Sesame Street checks when I opened my first checking account!


MrsEm said...

I agree, it's impressive how much Sesame Street is ingrained in my psyche. I know every video clip on YouTube.

Jennifer M. said...

You can see a bunch of the old school (circa 70s, which was my era) Sesame Street videos on Hulu.com - Lila and I watched a gaggle of them last week, and she loved it!