Monday, November 2, 2009

Weekend Roundup

-Sleeeeeep innnnnn
-Clean house
-Wait for Josh to get home
-Put on pjs and order pizza
-Pizza in bed while watching Arsenic & Old Lace and Sleepy Hollow
-Bed time

-Up early
-Coffee and breakfast while watching The Botany of Desire on dvr
-Holly stops by to loan me her make-up tools and give me a quick how-to lesson for my costume
-Run to Kohl's to exchange Josh's suspenders and Ulta for more make-up supplies
-Back home for lunch
-Shower and get ready
-Make-up and wig
-Costume on and out the door
-Party it up at Clif & Duane's
-Back home to hit the hay

-Sleep in (God bless daylight savings)
-Menu planning and grocery listing
-Grocery shopping
-Chipotle for late lunch/early dinner
-Start laundry
-Clean and prep veggies for the week
-Flip mattress and topper
-Put Spring/Summer duvet up, pull out Fall/Winter quilt
-Watch some dvr'd Ghost Hunters while making bed and doing laundry
-Cheese and crackers for snack
-Finish laundry/ironing
-Read a little P&P&Z
-Lights out