Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Weekend Roundup

Ooofff, had an off day yesterday so here's my weekend roundup.

-Sleep in
-Breakfast and coffee
-Clean house
-Get ready
-Read the first two chapters in my Friday class lesson
-Head to Mom-in-law's for family fun
-Two games of Clue and one of Cranium with some fried chicken and movie watching
-Back home and to bed

-Up early
-Quick cup of coffee
-Haircuts for us
-Home Depot for potting soil and caulk gun
-Back home and change clothes
-Shopping with Holly- lots of new pants!
-Rylee's 4th birthday party at Jump For Fun!
-Quick Chipotle dinner
-Swell Season at Palladium!!!!
-After concert traffic, blech
-Hit the hay

-Coffee, menu planning and grocery listing
-Wrap gifts
-Get ready
-Rob & LeAnn's baby shower
-Grocery shopping
-Start laundry
-Finish reading lesson chapters
-Reorganize closet shelf and dresser drawer for new pants
-Frozen pizza and 30 Rock from the DVR
-Finish laundry
-Watch some The Philadelphia Story
-Try to sleep, darn cat woke me up once an hour, grrrrr